Domain Repositories sessions at Plenary 4, Amsterdam

Domain Repositories Interest Group – Session 1

Review of Domain Repositories:  remit, current activities, funding models, concerns

  • George Alter, ICPSR (social science)
  • Ruth Duerr, NSIDC (geoscience)
  • Francoise Genova, CDS (astronomy)
  • Rebecca Koskela, DataOne (earth/environmental science)
  • Jane Greenberg, Dryad (evolutionary biology)
  • Peter Fox, Deep Carbon Observatory (earth/environmental science)

Domain Repositories Interest Group – Session 2

  • Development of domain-specific metadata standards
    • George Alter
    • Ruth Duerr
    • Sebastian Drude
  • Trusted repository certification
    • Peter Doorn
    • Mustaphe Mokrane
    • Barbara Sierman
    • Merce Crosas

Presentation files are listed below.