29 Oct 2021

We encourage the RDA community to join our session, “Connecting the Dots on Curating for FAIR and Reproducible Research,” at the RDA VP18 Plenary (Wednesday, November 3, 2021, 22:30-00:00 UTC, Breakout 3).


Meeting agenda:

  1. Brief introduction of the WG objectives and case statement for new members
  2. Updates on ongoing work from subgroups
  3. History and impact of the “Things” approach
  4. Introduction to “10 Curation for Reproducible and FAIR Things” (10 CURE-FAIR Things)
  5. Workshopping “10 Curation for Reproducible and FAIR Things” (v.2)
  6. Discussion and next steps

We will be workshopping v.2 of the CURE-FAIR WG output, “10 Curation for Reproducible and FAIR Things” and especially seek your input on parts of the document that need attention, including:

  1. Relevant standard(s) for each Thing
  2. Examples and use cases from various disciplines
  3. Contributions on provenance (Thing 7)
  4. Contributions on structured and machine-readable metadata (Thing 8)
  5. Contributions on automation (Thing 9)

You are welcome to contribute to the document, or declare your intention to contribute by adding your name to the relevant section in the document, before the Plenary.


We take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to v.1 of the draft with suggestions, comments, and improvements, and we look forward to your participation at the session on November 3rd!


CURE-FAIR WG co-chairs