Discipline-specific Guidance for DMPs WG - Final Recommendation Expectations

20 Dec 2021

Dear Co-chairs,
Thank you very much for the ongoing work of the Discipline-specific Guidance for DMPs WG. This is just a reminder that you are expected to submit your WG’s final Recommendation by 18th November 2022.
You can find more information about Recommendations and their endorsement process here: https://rd-alliance.org/groups/creating-and-managing-rda-groups/working-... Please note that, as part of the endorsement process for your Recommendation, you will be asked to provide names of two adopters so that the RDA Secretariat can report on their experience with adopting the Recommendation.
Please let your Secretariat or TAB liaison (both cc’d) know if you have any specific questions about producing your Recommendation, or if you wish to publish any further Outputs of your WG.
All the best,
RDA Secretariat