Digital Humanities Add-on in San Diego??

Digital Humanities Add-on in San Diego??


Below, list people who could/should be invited to such a meeting.

Joe Dumit, STS and Anthropology, UC-Davis.  Great anthropologist involved in development of data infrastructure and visualization technologies across disciplines at Davis.  (Kim Fortun) 

Josh Greenberg, Program Director for Data and Computational Research, Sloan: STS Phd involved in the development of Zotero and other projects at the Center for New Media at George Mason. (Kim Fortun)

Kaushik Sunder Rajan, Dept of Anthropology, University of Chicago: Excellent anthropologist of the life sciences in India and the US. Expressed interest and willingness.  (Kim Fortun)

Jen Riley, Digital Librarian, McGill.  In 2010, produced an evaluative map of metadata standards in cultural heritage projects.   (Mike Fortun)


Suggest sessions and ways to organize such a meeting. 

The meeting could be organized around cross-cutting themes across different domains of the humanites, especially those calling for interaction with the various kinds of technical experts involved in RDA. 

One (extended session) could present humanities/ethnographic studies of data practices.  See our notes toward a collaborative project on this here.