RDA P5 Deconstructing Data Life Cycle BoF Session Prospectus

Prospectus for the RDA P5 BoF Session on Deconstructing the Data Life Cycle

10 March 2015, 14:00 - 15:30
Session Leads: Karl Benedict
This purpose of this BOF is to continue the discussion started at GeoData 2014 related to looking at the data life cycle in new ways. The basic concept is to move beyond the current instantiation of the data life cycle and to think more about data curation in more agile ways; ways that start and continue throughout the data 'life story'. The conversation started at GeoData was continued during AGU in the form of a poster. The hoped for output of this BOF will be to further refine the conceptual framework for a deconstructed data life cycle and to determine a concrete next step such as a white paper or journal submission[a].
  • Re-examine current models related to data life cycle notions of data curation
  • Identify case studies about data sets or collections that can form the basis for a comparative analysis
  • Develop alternative abstract models for agile curation throughout the data life story
  • Validate alternative models with case studies
  • Develop a plan going forward v-a-v working on this in the RDA framework
Proposed Session Agenda
Introduction (20 mins)
  • Introductions
  • Background regarding the genesis of this effort, work to date.
  • Why Agile?
Presentations on Agile Curation Case Studies and Examples of the Technical Debt Model (20 mins)
  • Provide a template for both documenting an A.C. case study and a T.D.M. example (the T.D.M example may contribute to an Agile Curation case study but not all T.D.M. examples will constitute a case study) - http://goo.gl/P7wuFY
  • Case studies can be used for comparative analysis of real-world data curation
  • Case studies can be used to validate the abstract model
  • Opportunity to start the conversation with concrete examples[e]
    • Showing / learning how curation can evolve
      • Greenland Ice Melt T.D.M. example
      • Sea Ice as a T.D.M example
      • Others???

Discussion / Next Steps (50 mins)

  • Identify more case studies
    • Examples of agile curation
    • Data reuse examples with an explicit consideration of investments required to facilitate data reuse
  • Discuss issues in more depth
  • BoF Results
    • Discuss the potential for a white paper or publication
    • Outline paper / writing assignments / timetable
    • Does the group want to continue as an RDA IG.
Relevant Resources:
* GitHub for conceptual model documents - https://github.com/karlbenedict/agilecuration
* Digital Curation Center (DCC) Curation Lifecycle Model - http://www.dcc.ac.uk/resources/curation-lifecycle-model