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05 Feb 2015

I'll be in Europe next week, but go ahead and I'll join if I can.
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On Feb 5, 2015, at 12:14 PM, W. Christopher Lenhardt <***@***.***> wrote:
Sorry guys. Got bogged down in other stuff including a workshop last week.
I'll see what I can pull together later this afternoon. I'm open to whether or not to postpone our call. What about trying to convene the afternoon [East Coast time] of 2/10?
On Thu, Feb 5, 2015 at 11:39 AM, kbene <***@***.***> wrote:
I hadn't seen anything yet. Perhaps we want to push back to next week?
Karl Benedict
Associate Professor / Director of Research Data Services
College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences
University of New Mexico
(505) 277-5256
(505) 239-4115 (mobile)
Request a meeting time:
On 4 Feb 2015, at 22:17, jwyoung wrote:
Hi All,
I have a conference call on my calendar for this Friday morning to discuss
our draft for the March Plenary BoF.
Chris, my understanding was that you were going to take the first pass at
that task, did that happen? It is possible you sent something out that I'm
not seeing. If we don't have a draft yet, I'm wondering if we should still
hold this call.
How do folks wish to proceed?
On Mon, Jan 26, 2015 at 9:38 AM, Parsons, Mark
<***@***.***> wrote:
Hi guys,
I created a group on the RDA site:
I made Chris and Karl administrative members. That’s how they are
receiving this email at agile\***@***.*** (let me know if
you’d like a different name)
Josh, once you join RDA, you can also subscribe to this group and I can
make you an admin too.
You can now start putting some content in this group and then we can
start to spread the word and get others to join.
p.s. Josh, ignore the earlier version of this message. It had the email
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