invitation to present in a BoF at RDA

09 Feb 2015

Hi Ruth,
You may recall at the GeoData meeting last summer a group of us started questioning the data “lifecycle” — looking for a new model/paradigm/metaphor to better describe and inspire 21st century curation. Josh Young, Karl Benedict, Chris Lenhardt, and I started down that path and presented a poster at AGU It was well received, and now we plan to host a BoF at the upcoming RDA Plenary to continue the conversation, loosely using the term “agile curation". In particular, we want to start to explore some case studies to see if the “technical debt” figure in the poster is true and makes sense.
As this conversation has evolved, it occurred to me that the recently submitted Baker, Duerr, Parsons paper describes a sort of (unconscious) agile curation. As such, would you be willing to present a short overview of the work at the BoF and consider if it maps to the tech debt figure? The BoF is scheduled for Tuesday at 14:00. More information will appear soon at
but we wanted to get it on your radar.
Let us know what you think.