RE: Data Type Registry-- revised model draft, update 2016-01-20

19 Aug 2015

Colleagues-- I'm working on a DataType registry to use for some EarthCube projects and have drawn up the current model from the WG output document. Using this as a start, I've added content in an attempt to harmonize (conceptually) with ISO11179, ISO19110, ISO19115 (&-2), and CSDGM. Attached find JSON schema for the revised model (in zip archive) Pdf of the current RDA DTR outputs model and my proposed revision (EA UML output with some documentation) Pdf of short summary of requirements for vocab and information model registry (=DTR). For discussion. 
this model has been significantly updated an expanded based on evolving understanding of requirements.  The attachments here have been superseded.
please see the requirements document at
and a pdf of the UML model with some documentation:

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