RDA Data Granularity WG: Provisional Agenda for tomorrow's meeting

20 Oct 2021
Groups audience: 

Dear all, please find below, and on our agendas page, the provisional agenda for the RDA Granularity WG meeting tomorrow. If you're not yet added to the meeting series, please contact Reyna Jenkyns: ***@***.***.
2021-10-20, 15 UTC
1. Introduction (for new members)
2. Group photo for plenary session introduction slides
3. Use Case Subgroup Plenary Planning: 20 mins. (or less, agenda depending)
Desired outcome: Feedback on options for the Use Cases Subgroup activity for the group to select format
Preparation: Feel free to consult the in-progress page on 18th Plenary Session Planning: Use Cases.
4. Plenary Planning Other: 20 mins.
Desired outcome:
5. Any Other Business
Katherine McNeill
Research Data Program Manager & Collections Librarian
Harvard Business School, Knowledge and Library Services