Recommendation Structure Issues

This is the place to discuss structural issues that need to be considered when structuring the interaction about recommendations.

  • We need a structural approach to identify areas of recommendations and to specify them in relation to other recommendations.
  • As usual structures will help to easily find recommendations.
  • And as usual tags will help to search for them.

1. G8 inspired Structure

At ICRI 2012 Larry Lannom came up with a diagram indicating 4 layers for canonical access steps that obviously inspired thinking of layers.

Later G8 defined its data principles in terms of basically the same layers and then FAIR came up with similar principles.

Discoverability findable
Accessibility accessible
Understandability interoperable

This not only tells us that we are talking about the same shared principles, but that we also seem to agree about some layers at this level of abstraction.

2. Life Cycle Inspired Structures

However we should also look at the typical Data Life Cycle diagram that may help in structuring our thinking on recommendations.

3. Other Areas

In addition, amongst others the variety of topics of the RDA Working and Interest Groups inform us that there are other topic areas not per se covered by the two structuring approaches such as

  • educational issues
  • governance issues
  • research practices
  • legal & ehtical issues

These elaborations may help kicking off our discussions on recommendations. We assume here that we all agree with the principles as defined by G8/FAIR without regarding the fine nuances.