Persistent Identifier Bundle

This paged is used to discuss recommendations in the field of Persistent Identifiers for digital objects (data, software, configurations, etc.) which in our interpretation are essential for correct references in the emerging data landscape. The practical work has evolved as discussed at the Denver plenary. In the meantime we had a number of meetings from the GEDE group on the PID focus area, additional documents were included from different communities and a new document was created claiming to summarise essential assertions from the various contributions. This document will be discussed at P9 in Barcelona.

In the breakout session (6.4. 9.30) we will discuss PID usage issues.

In the breakout session (7.4. 9.00) we will discuss the summary assertions as a whole and discuss how we should move ahead.

The document ( GEDE PID Focus Area discussion document ) is attached below (it also contains the start assertions as appendix).



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