Re: [rda-datafabric-ig] A Data Fabric Position Paper to Broaden Discussion (Berg...

10 Apr 2015

Hi Keith,
Exactly, I do not think that the end-user (or most users) would know
where to get the exact services/data they want unless they are following
a citation of data or come via some catalogue system.*
I would even go as far as to say that the typical scientist doesn't
particularly care which repository is used as long as it is clear that
it is trustworthy.
I am (still) assuming that the DF group is aiming towards a loosely
coupled, flexible, system for lifecycles.
With interoperability being provided automatically for as far as
normally possible.
(It is easy to see how it would be technically possible to do this
seamlessly, but in practise, considering the large amount of
(non-)standards out there, it isn't very feasible. Perhaps DTR-type and
MD-registry type efforts will reduce this gap in time).
*) I admit it is a bit odd saying "they don't know unless they do", but
oh well.