Re: An potentia use case for the DFIG

07 Dec 2017

Hello Abraham, Barbara,
thank you for sharing this perspective from ENVRIplus (slides attached
again). I agree that the provenance metadata concerns you illustrate
have relevance to the Data Fabric concepts. We have been discussing
provenance as a strong driver use case particularly in view of PID
record usage, which led to the creation of the PID Kernel Information
WG. The main approach here is that the most basic provenance relations
can be formulated by maintaining essential (kernel) information within
PID records, while more elaborated metadata would build on top of this,
sitting in a higher layer in terms of the Data Fabric model. This is
what I perceive as one of the parts of the overarching architecture you
are also considering. Building coherent, trustworthy, stable provenance
information across complex workflows such as in ENES is a good long-term
Moreover, I'd welcome the ENVRIplus perspective on these topics also for
the P11. We will have a Data Fabric VC for discussing current topics and
plans for the P11 session just in the week before Christmas - I think it
would be good if you could participate; the Doodle for the call is still
Best, Tobias
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