RDA GEDE Online Workshop at 14.4.

16 Mar 2020

Dear Colleagues,
A GEDE funding period comes to an end which we will use to organise an online workshop (there is no chance anymore for a face-2-face meeting) where we will put the scientific perspectives for the following decade, the requirements for EOSC and for the further plans with RDA Europe and GEDE into the focus.
Please, mark 14.4. in your agenda and participate. Also send this invitation, please, to your networks in the ESFRIs/ERICs.
We also invite our interested colleagues from abroad, although the start/stop times are oriented towards the European participants. We will make a recording which we will make available for everyone.
We hope on your understanding that due to Corona we cancelled the plans for a meeting in Brussels. However, we should not stop or postpone the necessary discussions and hope that many of you will join and contribute to the discussions.
best regards
Peter Wittenburg Skype: peterwittenburg1 Mobile: +49 15159062731
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Senior Advisor Max Planck Computing and Data Facility, Senior Advisor GWDG, Vision & Values Inc.

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