Fwd: News from the BONSAI community

05 Feb 2019

Dear all,
I am forwarding below information about a hackathon from the BONSAI
community, which may be of interest to Data Fabric developers,
particularly for Linked Data applications. Please have a look.
Best, Tobias
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Betreff: News from the BONSAI community
Datum: Wed, 30 Jan 2019 09:21:44 +0100
Von: Michele De Rosa <***@***.***>
An: Tobias Weigel <***@***.***>
Dear Tobias,
I hope this email finds you well. I have some news concerning our domain
software developers community that I shared with you below.
If you are interested or you know somebody that could be interested
please do not hesitate to apply or to share with them.
Thank you. 
Dear all-
BONSAI (https://bonsai.uno/https://github.com/BONSAMURAIS/bonsai) is
an organization devoted to conceptualizing, organizing, and building a
open infrastructure for life cycle inventory data, including an open
database, open and transparent data management workflows, and an open
and welcoming environment. We will be hosting a hackathon in Barcelona
from March 25-29 to develop the first stage in this project; you can
find a preliminary agenda, including the focus areas and objectives,
here: https://github.com/BONSAMURAIS/bonsai/blob/master/hackathon-2019-agenda.md
We have reserved multiple spots for outside participants, and we invite
students or all others interested in developing open life cycle
assessment data and workflows to apply. Though we can't offer direct
compensation, participants will have their expenses (including travel
costs) paid for. We will also have remote participants, so travel is not
To apply to join us in Barcelona, or to work during the hackathon
remotely, please fill out the following form:
Kind regards,
Michele De Rosa