Fwd: Invitation to BoF on Sustainability of eResearch / Cyberinfrastructure

25 Aug 2014

Dear Friends,
Below a message from Stefanie.
Dear Data Fabric IG members,
At RDA Plenary 4, Andrew Treloar and I will be holding a BoF on the
Sustainability of eResearch / Cyberinfrastructure.
We would like to invite you to attend the BoF (for an overview see
a more detailed agenda will follow in a week or two). The session is
held on Tuesday 23 Sept 2014, 14.00 -- 15.30.
As part of the BoF, we would, if possible, like to hear from a
representative of the Data Fabric group. Would any of you be willing to
be a speaker at the BoF? The presentation would be expected to take
about 10 minutes and cover questions around sustainability, such as,
what you think the now finishing WGs saw as sustainability challenges at
the start, how these have evolved, what you see as the major challenges
now, and any lessons learned / messages to new groups
Thank you very much, and please let me know if you have any questions!
Best wishes,
Dr. ir. Herman Stehouwer
Rechenzentrum Garching @ Max Planck for Plasmaphysics
RDA Secretariat
***@***.*** 0031-619258815