DO Workshop at P14

07 Oct 2019

Dear colleagues,
We are a bit late with our preparations for the Digital Objects side meeting at the RDA plenary in Helsinki, but here is our tentative agenda.
As in Philadelphia we see this side meeting as an opportunity to discuss progress and plans with respect to Digital Objects and to better understand what is available and what is missing. One aspect which changed during the last months is the conviction that we need to extend the DO concept to FAIR Digital Objects to meet the evolving requirements of FAIR Maturity Indicators.
In addition to inform about the FDO extension, we see two major goals for this workshop:
- interact about the possible relevance of the FDO concept for large infrastructures such as EOSC, NFDI etc.
- exchange information about plans and ongoing work using DOs
Please, let us know whether you are interested to present your plans or work in this side meeting.
Larry & Peter
Peter Wittenburg Skype: peterwittenburg1 Mobile: +49 15141858784
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Senior Advisor Max Planck Computing and Data Facility and GWDG Göttingen
Member of DONA and GOFAIR Foundation Boards
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