DFIG FAIR DO: Project Share Feb. 25

21 Feb 2021

Dear all,
We would like to invite to our next meeting of “RDA Data Fabric IG: FAIR Digital Object”.
Project Share: 2021, Feb 25, UTC 15:00     (due to too few participants we will skip the morning sessions)
Meeting room: https://kit-lecture.zoom.us/j/64010304690
Meeting ID: 640 1030 4690
RO-Crate: A framework for packaging research products into FAIR Research Objects
Carole Goble, The University of Manchester & ELIXIR-UK
Stian Soiland-Reyes, The University of Manchester, The University of Amsterdam & BioExcel
O-Crate is a community effort to establish a lightweight approach to packaging research products (data, scripts, methods and so on) together and with their metadata.
At its heart RO-Crate is a practical way to aggregate files and/or any URI-addressable content, with contextual information to aid decisions about re-use. It uses off the shelf and developer familiar web technologies that make it machine and human readable and search engine friendly. This small step is a springboard to Digital Object exchange, access, preservation and reproducibility.
We will briefly present the motivation and approach of RO-Crate and give examples from cultural heritage and biosciences.
We will also present our preliminary investigations in using RO-Crate as a means of implementing FAIR Digital Objects as defined by the FDOF for the Natural History Digital Specimen Objects in the EU Synthesys+ project for the DISSCo ESFRI of Natural History digital collections.
Collaborative notes:
We are looking forward to the presentation and the discussions.
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