Comment on the Report of the recent GEDE online Workshop and the GEDE Future

02 May 2020

Dear RDA/GEDE colleagues,
Let us first thanks for the many emails which we received on out note about the state of EOSC-Infra 3 consortium formation. We will update you when we have new information.
About 65 of you participated recently in the Online Workshop organised by RDA GEDE, others could not join. Based on the requirements described by cutting edge researchers we discussed the implications for EOSC, RDA EU and GEDE. The workshop was organised since the second funding period for GEDE (support by RDA EU 4 project) came now to an end. We saw this as a good moment to discuss openly about the Future of GEDE after roughly 4 years now. The slides of the workshop you can find here:
We would like to invite all of you to comment on three documents (as Google doc and PDF versions) which you can find here: .
- The first version of the Workshop report is ready and should be commented by everyone to get the final version. The document includes also the suggestions that were made what GEDE should do in the future.
- We were asked to summarise what GEDE has been doing so far and added a document which also points to the problems an initiative has that is based on voluntary work.
- Most important is the 3rd document where we as co-chairs give first opinions about what GEDE could do and under which circumstances.
We hope that many of you will participate in the open discussion of what GEDE could/should do in the future which should be finished until end of May.
Let us add three points of relevance:
- Our second attempt to get COST funds for the FDO networking failed, basically one reviewer was critical. It is obvious that besides much support the FDO concept has clear opponents.
- Due to all the work on some activities we are behind with collecting the signatures supporting the Paris declaration. We apologise for this, but we will work on this asap as well as creating a suitable web-site which Dimitris started.
- We are working on 2-page Short Infos on various topics since we increasingly often see that it is impossible for most of the colleagues to read all the background notes and reports. We expect the first to appear in May. Interested people can suggest such Short Notes on topics of relevance. I attached the overview of SNs we are working on.
best regards
Carlo, Suzi, Peter
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