Re: [rda-datafabric-ig][rda-collection-wg] Some thoughts on "Data Aggregations" terminology & concepts

11 Apr 2016

Hello Ulrich,
thank you for the examples - I particularly like the power collection
idea as it could solve very aesthetically some of the issues we get into
once we talk about collections that grow over time but yet should be
somewhat statically referable. I think this also has a new twist on the
API: A rule-based collection might need its own dedicated querying and
creation mechanisms (or at least different parameter sets). When
thinking in terms of collection models, I mostly worked along lines of
common ADTs and multiple membership in several collections. The 'family'
of rule-based collections may be a distinct sister branch to these.
Thanks a lot for sharing these early examples - I clearly have to look
deeper into the mathematical view when continuing down the models path.
Best, Tobias
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