Re: [rda-datafabric-ig][rda-collection-wg] Re: [rda-datafabric-ig][rda-collection-wg] Some thoughts on "Data Aggregations" terminology & concepts

11 Apr 2016

Dear Jeremy, all
here, as far as I can see from a first look, the definition is relying
on the binary predicate /isGatheredInto/(/x/,/y/), which I couldn't find
to be defined at the given location anymore. So one probably cannot use
this as a definition here, without defining how this predicate function
works in all cases.
But the other way around: if one uses my reductionist definition, the
function /isGatheredInto/(/x/,/y/) is almost trivially to define,
because one just looks, whether PID y is contained in the set of PIDs in
the DO where PID x points to.
To Gary: of course a collection is something different to an ordinary
PID also in my reductionist approach. It is a PID, that points to a very
special kind of DO. My assumption is, that this is sufficient for all
underlying "substance". But this of course still has to be proven. But
perhaps the examples I mentioned already give a feeling of the
possibilities, that such a definition can have.
And certainly we need to discuss counter examples, to see what the
limitations are.
Mit freundlichem Gruss
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