The results are in! And the winner is...

15 Nov 2016
Groups audience: 

Dear RDA Data Discovery Paradigm Interest Group Members,
We are happy to inform you that 29 people responded to the survey in which we asked you to prioritize topics for the Task Forces, and your interest in helping us lead or contribute to these tasks. Thank you so much for your responses!
The results were as follows (NB since we asked for a ranking from 1-10, the lower the number of points, the higher the topic was ranked):
Topic Nr Points Rank
Guidelines for making data findable 112 1
Metadata enrichment 138 2
Relevancy ranking 141 3
Cataloging common API's 149 4
Use cases, prototyping tools and test collections 153 5
Data Citation practices and metrics 157 6
De-duplication of search results 161 7
Granularity, domain-specific cross-domain issues 166 8
Using upper-level ontologies 176 9
Search personalisation 198 10
We have decided to explore the top-5 topics further, to see whether we can make some progress before the RDA Plenary in April.
We are therefore to have a first phone call with the people who have volunteered to lead one of the first 5 topics: Jeff Grethe, Bill Michener, Mingfang Wu, Margeret Spyker, Jens Klump, Fotis Psomopoulos, and Antica Culina. We will be sending out a Doodle poll to set up a call with them in another message. On this call, we hope to briefly discuss the scope of each of the topics, appoint leads for each of the topics, and plan on a schedule to reconvene via phone, and a rough outline of deliverables before April.
If you are interested in co-leading a task force on one of the first 5 topics, but did not indicate so in your questionnaire, please contact us before the end of the week, and we'll add you to the Doodle poll.
If you have any further questions or comments regarding the Data Discovery Paradigms Interest Group, please feel free to mail this list, or contact us directly.
With kind regards, your DDPI Chairs,
Anita de Waard, Elsevier
Siri Jodha Singh Khalsa, NSIDC
Anita de Waard | VP, Research Data Collaborations | Elsevier | Research Data Services
@anitawaard | ***@***.*** | +1 (619) 252 8589