Reminder: RDA DDP IG: User studies in data discovery monthly call - this Thursday 12pm UTC

19 Jan 2021
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Dear members of the RDA DDP IG,
This is a reminder that we have a monthly call this Thursday (21st) 12pm
UTC. Here is the link

for you to check out your local time.
We will have Jeff Siarto present "UX Observation Database: Collecting and
Managing User Research and Insights Across NASA EOSDIS". Jeff is the
Director of User Experience at Element 48 and an Adjunct Professor in the
Department of Media and Information at Michigan State University.
Here is the zoom link for joining the meeting:

Meeting ID: 923 4037 9348 and passcode: 546145
Hope to see more of you in 2 days.
Kind regards,
On behalf of Fotis, Ming and SiriJodha - the DDP IG co-chairs
Dr Mingfang Wu
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