Reminder: RDA Data Granularity Task Force monthly call Thursday

08 Sep 2020
Groups audience: 

Greetings all,
Reminder that we are having the Data Granularity Task Force monthly meeting on Thursday:
* Per our new system, chairs are hosting the meeting 2 times, but participants are expected only to attend one: Thursday 16 UTC & Friday 2 UTC
* I'll be updating the online agenda, but the focus will be talking about/reporting out on our sub-groups (problem collection & RDA resources) [and, time permitting, talking about formatting the plenary session].
Everyone involved should have receive the calendar invite, but anyone new who would like to join is very welcome (and here are the Zoom links for Thursday 16 UTC & Friday 2 UTC).
Katy McNeill
Katherine McNeill
Research Data Program Manager & Collections Librarian
Harvard Business School, Knowledge and Library Services