Reminder: Data Discovery Paradigms IG monthly call on this Wednesday (17th May), 12pm UTC

16 May 2023
Groups audience: 

Dear All,

Our next group call is on this Wednesday 17 May, starting 12pm UTC. You can check your local time here.

Our main agenda item is to work further on the Ten Things for Data Discovery

We’ll first tackle Rule 4 (Support both disciplinary and interdisciplinary search) and Rule 5 (duplication), as we haven’t had the chance yet to discuss these rules as a group. After we our discussion, we’ll do a quick pass across all Rules, to ensure that we have a common understanding of the key points.

For those who are unable to attend the call, you are welcome to add use cases and good practices to each rule, in particular Rules 4 & 5. 

The next step (July - September) will be to start the drafting process. Specifically, we will:

  1. First split the rules in two parts (Rules 1-5 and 6-10)
  2. For the 1st part, each of us will pick up a rule and will need to put together some initial text by our next call.
  3. During our next (June) call, we’ll do a quick review of the text, and repeat the process for the 2nd part of the rules.
  4. In our July call, we’ll do an overall review of the produced text, and we’ll assign 2-3 people to act as the “editors”, harmonizing the overall text and ensuring that there is a coherency.

Here is the agenda and notes for the monthly call, and the Zoom link which we will use:  (meeting ID: 923 4037 9348, password:546145).

Looking forward to seeing you then!

Best wishes,

Mingfang, Fotis and Kathleen