RDA DDP IG: User studies in data discovery monthly call - this Thursday 12pm UTC

15 Sep 2020
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Dear members of the RDA DDP IG,
This is a reminder that we have a monthly call this Thursday (17th) 12pm
UTC on the topic: user studies in data discovery. Here is the link

for you to check out your local time.
I will give a presentation: Evaluating utility of subject headings in a
data catalogue: A preliminary finding from a data search log and record
classification, followed by discussion on user studies related to subject
Please feel free to add this agenda

if you have any other agenda items for a discussion or introduce/present
your work in future meetings.
Here is the zoom link for joining the meeting:

Meeting ID: 923 4037 9348 and passcode: 546145
Kind regards,
On behalf of Fotis, Ming and SiriJodha - the DDP IG co-chairs
Dr Mingfang Wu
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