RDA 20th Plenary - Notification of Acceptance

07 Dec 2022

Dear Colleagues,
Greetings to you all.
I would like to draw your attention to the email below (sent to all of
us). Our motion for the 20th RDA Plenary (P20) entitled "Data for
Sustainable Development (SD) and Responsible Research (RR)" has been
approved. There are a few modifications we should make by Tuesday, 13
December 2022.
Ingvill and I had a brief discussion tonight about how we might proceed.
The suggestion is that we meet on Friday at 5pm to make or agree on the
changes. I hope that this time is compatible with the differences between
our continental time zones. It would be good if we could all meet to decide
on the changes together. I will send a link for the meeting tomorrow.
PS: If you cannot attend, please make an effort to submit your
ideas/suggestions before the meeting.
Best regards,
Dr. Norman Mukasa
Drachenfelsstr. 9, 50997 Köln
Mobile phone: +49 (0)163-1499354
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