The National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) at the Australian National University (ANU) has collocated over 10 PB of national and international Earth Systems and Environmental data assets within a HPC facility to create the National Environmental Research Data Interoperability Platform (NERDIP).

NCI adopted the Research Data Switchboard program to study NCI’s research collections and their interaction with individual researchers and publications. The graphic view tells which collaborative activities are undertaking. It also serves a database query system that different purpose reports will be based on.

The aim of applying RD-Switchboard technology to NCI data repository is to achieve the followings objectives:

  • Identify and animate the existing connections between datasets from various catalogues and across multiple data providers.

  • Identify the missing connections between datasets using external resources such as ORCID and DOI registries, and RD-Switchboard core graph components.

  • Compare the connections between metadata records in NCI catalogues and information available in external metadata registries such as Research Data Australia

For further information about this project please contact Dr. Jingbo Wang ( at NCI.