5th Plenary - Data in Context - Agenda

Monday, March 9 1400-1530 

Joint session: Metadata IG, Metadata Standards Directory WG, Data in Context IG, and Research Data Provenance IG

I. Review of past achievements, current activities, and delivered products for:

  • Metadata Standards Directory WG (Alex Ball)
  • Metadata in Context IG (Rebecca Koskela)
  • Metadata IG (Keith Jeffery)
  • Research Data Provenance IG (Dave Dubin)

II. Relationship to other groups discussion (no slides)

  • Joint activities with
  • Infrastructure groups
  • Domain groups
  • Policy groups

II. Future Plans including need for new WGs, objectives and duration

  • Metadata standards catalog (Alex Ball)
  • Use case repository (Rebecca Koskela)
  • Discussion (group)

IV. Agreed forward plan summary (Keith Jeffery)