RDA 3rd plenary session slides uploaded to file repository

31 Mar 2014
Groups audience: 

Dear all,

The slide contributions to the two Data in Context IG sessions at the 3rd RDA plenary have been uploaded to the file repository - as well the introduction and overview slides. A direct link to the session agendas is once more provided here.

We wish to thank very much all the contributors that provided intput to the sessions either via slides or by oral presentations and thus contributed to discussions. 

  • Angus Whyte, DCC, UK
  • Amir Aryani, ANDS, AU
  • Jochen Schirrwagen, Bielefeld University, DE
  • Wim Hugo, ICSU/WDS, ZA
  • Brian Matthews, STFC, UK
  • Yin Chen, Cardiff University, UK
  • Gary Berg-Cross, SOCoP, US
  • Rebecca Koskela, DataOne, US
  • Keith Jeffery, Keith G Jeffery Consultants, UK
  • Reagan Moore, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, US

Many thanks also to those that attended and participated in the sessions. A report from the sessions will be available within the next few days and circulated via this list.


With Best Wishes,

Brigitte, Keith
Co-Chairs Data in Context IG