BibLaTeX support for software (Was: Re: [rda-datacitation-wg] Data Citation - Participate in shaping BibLaTeX)

16 Apr 2021

[cross-posting this message to other groups that may find this relevant,
with some context for them, apologies to the Data Citation WG for repetitions]
Dear all,
there is an interesting thread in the Data Citation WG about extending the
@dataset entry in biblatex, which is just treated as @misc in biblatex today,
and falls quite short of fitting the bill [1].
A year ago, we had a similar situation for the @software entry type, which is
also just an alias for the @misc entry. Today, the situation has changed a lot,
with a full implementation, as a BibLaTeX style extension, of the relevant
entries for software, that have been discussed, designed, implemented, and now
included in TeXLive as the biblatex-software package [2].
A significant amount of work has been done to determine:
- the fields needed to describe software in a bibliography
- the kind of entries needed for capturing the software facets (@software alone is not enough)
- the best way to make these new fields and entries supported in existing stlyes
This package is a "style extension". This means that it that can be used to add to any existing
BibLaTeX bibliographic style support for the following four entries (@software
alone is not enough):
Biblatex-software supports inheritance between these entries, and provides a
broad set of parameters that allow to tweak the rendering of bibliographies as
desired. Biblatex entries conforming to the biblatex-software specification can
also be imported without loss of information in Zotero using the BBT extension [3].
This package comes with extensive documentation [4], and since I am the
coordinator of the working group that led to its design and the author of the
biblatex-software package, you can ask me any questions you may have about it.
It would of course be nice at some point to merge biblatex-software directly
into biblatex, but I feel we need to wait a bit for it to mature based on
feedback from the users: over the past year I already rolled out several
releases and there are still a few more bells and whistles that may be added.
It is very important that we avoid dispersion of efforts: if you see or hear of
anybody showing interest in evolving the stock @software entry, please do point
out biblatex-software, and make sure we get connected.
I also encourage you to spread the word, and adopt this style extension, that
fills a gap that has been open for decades.
Thanks for your help!
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