WG Report on CURE-FAIR Challenges Available for Community Review

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19 Mar 2021
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Dear colleagues,
We're pleased to announce that the first interim output of the CURE-FAIR WG is now available. The report, "Challenges of Curating for Reproducible and FAIR Research Output," was created by subgroup 3 on CURE-FAIR Challenges, and it will be open for community review via Google Docs until April 2, 2021.
Your feedback will help us finalize the report and contribute to the final deliverable of the CURE-FAIR WG, standards-based guidelines for CURE-FAIR best practices in publishing and archiving computationally reproducible studies. If you are interested but unavailable during this time period, please let us know. We continue to offer opportunities for providing feedback and engaging with the activities and outputs of the WG. We encourage you to,
* Join our session at the RDA VP17 for updates on the WG's progress (Breakout 5 and 9)
* Join one of our subgroups
* Contact us with any questions
We are most grateful to the members of the CURE-FAIR WG who have provided input during the internal comment period (February 15-March 1).
Thank you all for your support of the CURE-FAIR WG,
CURE-FAIR co-chairs
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