Promote and register for RDA CURE-FAIR WG Webinar 22 Sept 21:00 UTC

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14 Sep 2022
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Hello CURE-FAIR WG Members -
Thank you to the Co-chairs and members of this group for agreeing to present the CURE-FAIR WG activities at a webinar titled 'Introducing 10 Things for Curating Reproducible and FAIR Research" hosted by the RDA-US on 22 September 2022 at 21:00. We are writing to ask for your help please in promoting this webinar to your colleagues (see instructions below) and to invite you to register for the event.
Please register here:
Please also help us promote this webinar to your colleagues.
LinkedIn - Please open, like and share the RDA LinkedIn announcement:
Twitter - Please open, like and retweet RDA webinar tweet:
We appreciate your help and look forward to seeing you at the webinar.
Thank you.
Stephanie Hagstrom, RDA-US Director of Community Development
Stephanie Hagstrom
Director of Community Development