Invitation and Help with Promotion for “Professionalising Data Stewardship | Global Updates To Inform RDA Community” Webinar taking place 30 June

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27 May 2022
Groups audience: 

Hello.  We are writing to invite you to an upcoming webinar presented by the RDA Professionalising Data Stewardship Interest Group taking place at 14:00 UTC on 30 June.

The webinar will introduce the Outputs of the groups and include the following speakers:

  • Christina Drummond, Executive Director for the global OA Book Usage Data Trust (OAEBU) effort
  • Yan Wang, Coordinator of the Data Stewardship at TU Delft
  • Graham Parton, Senior Environmental Data Scientist at the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA), UK
  • Liise Lehtsalu, Research Support Officer at Eurac Research
  • Jukka Rantasaari, Library Services, Turku University Library, Turku, Finland 

During the webinar, these individuals will not only present the outputs from the group, but also discuss potential directions for future work.  Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions, suggest future areas of inquiry, and discuss ways to better connect the PDS-IG’s efforts with organisations and individuals within and outside of RDA.

Please consider supporting these speakers and your group by registering to attend and promoting the event to those in your network who you think would have an interest.    

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All the best,

Yolanda, on behalf of RDA-US and the RDA Secretariat