CURE-FAIR WG first output is now posted; planning next steps

13 Jul 2021
Groups audience: 

Dear CURE-FAIR WG members,


We're pleased to let you know that Subgroup 3's report on Challenges of Curating for Reproducible and FAIR Research Output is finalized and posted on Zenodo. We thank everyone who has contributed with writing, commenting, providing information, and participating in meetings. This community's engagement has been truly inspiring!


With Subgroups 1, 2, and 4 close to finalising outputs, we're now thinking about turning efforts to the final output for this RDA working group: 


(3) A final document outlining standards-based guidelines for CURE-FAIR best practices in publishing and archiving computationally reproducible studies, including the associated computational methods and materials (see case statement)


We are proposing to loosely follow the format of the "10 FAIR Data and Software Things" to draft a set of "10 FAIR Curation for Reproducibility (CURE-FAIR) Things" to address this. In this format, each "thing" defines a key issue, links to resources relevant to that issue, and then provides a challenge to the reader to practice addressing the issue in their practices.


Key resources to be drawn upon for this task will include the outputs of the subgroups for CURE-FAIR, which includes definitions, practices, challenges, relevant existing RDA outputs and the compilation of relevant literature created across the subgroup activities.


We hope that this will serve as a starting point for broader community involvement in development of curatorial guidelines that are tailored to specific domain or discipline concerns, or to the specific curatorial concerns or requirements of an archive or publisher.


The timeline for this work is as follows:


  • The subgroups will wrap up by September this year.
  • Starting in September we will begin work together as a single working group to draft a set of "10 FAIR Curation for Reproducibility Things" (10 CURE-FAIR Things), possibly in the form of a global sprint
  • At Plenary 18 in November this draft output will be presented and we will work to identify and/or start the production of discipline- and archive-specific variations of the core 10 Things
  • Following the plenary the draft output will be put out for community review


Time permitting we may attempt a second global sprint to kick start the creation of "10 CURE-FAIR Things" variations.


We look forward to working with you all over the next several months,


Kind regards,


Limor, Thumai, Florio and Tom