Community meeting (10 September 2020) recording and links

16 Sep 2020
Groups audience: 

Please see the following materials from the CURE-FAIR WG community meetings on 10 September 2020:

It is not too late to join a CURE-FAIR WG Subgroup! Go to: by 18 September 2020 if you'd like to contribute to the WG outputs. Subgroup work starts next week.

Subgroup 1: CURE-FAIR Definitions
Subgroup 2: CURE-FAIR Practices
Subgroup 3: CURE-FAIR Challenges
Subgroup 4: CURE-FAIR + RDA

Join the CURE-FAIR WG: to become a member, receive announcements, provide input, and comment on the case statement.

As always, please reach out to the co-chairs with any questions or ideas.