Calling all data curators! Contribute to a data curation playlist

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03 May 2022
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Apologies for cross-posting. Please share broadly!
Hello, my name is Wanda Marsolek (they/them). I am an Engineering liaison
and Data Curation Librarian at the University of Minnesota Libraries and a
Data CuRe Fellow ( My personal project for the
fellowship is to acknowledge and celebrate the humanness of data curation. This
survey will help crowdsource a music
playlist from our colleagues around the world of the music we listen to
while curating data. "Music can reduce stress, improve happiness, and even
increase happiness.... Music can have a positive impact on a human's
performance and perception of certain tasks¹." Selecting one’s own music
to listen to can lead to an enhancing one’s mood which in turn can bring
more joy and less anxiety and sadness ². Listening to music for at least 20
minutes helps reduce stress³ and don’t we all need more help reducing our
stress? Together we can share what
helps make us happy, productive and less stressed by uniting over music and
introducing others to the background sounds of data curation.
We will use the Johnston et al. definition of data curation as “the
encompassing work and actions taken by curators of a data repository in
order to provided meaningful and enduring access to data⁴ ”
The deliverable for this survey will
be a playlist shared back out the way this survey was distributed using
listservs and tweets along with a blog post on the Data CuRe blog. There is
also an opportunity for you to share your email address and receive the
playlist directly. Questions may be directed to mars0215 at umn dot edu .
Thank you in advance for participating!
¹ Barton et. al 2020
² Lynar et. al 2017
³ Linnemann et. al 2018
⁴ Johnston et. al 2018
SURVEY LINK: Please feel free to share
with all your data curation friends!
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Calling all data curators! Contribute to a data curation playlist
Mx Wanda Marsolek, MLIS
Pronouns: they/them/theirs
Engineering Liaison and Data Curation Librarian
University of Minnesota Libraries
Walter Library 335A