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Latest Output: Summary of the Joint RDA/IUPAC Workshop: "Prioritizing Digital Data Challenges in Chemistry," July 2016, Research Triangle Park, NC, USA

IUPAC Facilitating Chemistry Data Exchange in the Digital Era
Leah Rae McEwen
The scientific community faces an unprecedented communication challenge as larger volumes of research data are published and data storage moves into digital space. Most communication tasks in chemistry involve representing molecules. Traditionally, these have formalized around the need to register, search, view, and publish information about chemicals for human readers. Data collection and analysis are further described by formalized domain vocabularies. In the digital environment, machine-readability, as well as human interpretation of data, is a significant factor in the level of accuracy and completeness of data exchange. More than ever, there is a need for standard and robust protocols that support reliable interoperability: the transfer of depictions and descriptions of chemicals between systems without loss or distortion of information.
Chemistry International
Published Online: 2017-05-10