Re: [tab][rda-biosharing-wg] Fwd: [rda-biosharing-wg] RDA P11, the WG recommendation, DOIs and more!

21 Mar 2018

Dear Paul,
I believe you have mistakenly sent this to the whole WG list, not just to TAB. There are several inaccurate representation of the facts below, reason why I keep the WG list in cc for transparency and add the secretariat.
In particular the change of the registry name (not of the WG, which - like you correctly point - out was unfortunately declined by TAB) was the result of community feedback and not a last minute rebrand of the RDA WG; however as this is a joint WG with Force11, a full change of name (to align registry and WG) has instead happen there.
Perhaps you should seek clarifications with the chairs, and indeed you can find me in two joint sessions later today.
I look forward to talking to you
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