RDA P11, the WG recommendation, DOIs and more!

16 Mar 2018

*Dear joint RDA/Force11 WG members, *
*Please find below a few updates from the WG, including where we'll be
at RDA P11, and details about our final WG recommendation. *
*Best, *
*PS Apologies for cross-posting*
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*1. Plans for RDA P11 Berlin*
Attending: Susanna
FAIRsharing will be involved in a number of RDA sessions:
Wednesday 21st March, Breakout 1 - Joint meeting: IG ELIXIR Bridging
Force, IG BioDiversity Data Integration, WG BioSharing Registry

Wednesday 21st March, Breakout 2 - Joint meeting: IG ELIXIR Bridging
Force, IG Preservation Tools, Techniques and Policies, IG From
Observational Data to Information, WG BioSharing Registry

Friday 23rd March, Breakout 8 - Joint meeting: IG Agricultural Data
(IGAD), IG Data Discovery Paradigms, IG ELIXIR Bridging Force, WG
BioSharing Registry

*2. *NEW* FAIRsharing RDA Recommendation*
*Responding to user feedback, we've finalised our draft of the
FAIRsharing Registry and Recommendations: Interlinking Standards,
Databases and Data Policies'. This output has been signed by 18 adopters
to date. The draft can be viewed on this googledoc
Please read the draft recommendation and add a comment if you wish to
become an adopter.*
3. DOIs for Database, Standard and Policy records
Through a collaboration with the British Library and the University of
Oxford’s Bodleian Library, we now have DOIs for Database, Standard and
Policy records in FAIRsharing.
Each record can now be reached using its DOI, e.g.
AGU Publications Data Policy

We will be adding DOIs for our collection and recommendation records in
the near future.
4. The FAIRsharing Embeddable Widget
We continue to update the widget and now have a version 1.0 available
for implementation. *The widget can be used to represent a FAIRsharing
collection or recommendation as either an interactive table or network
graph. *We are working with a number of journal publishers to install
the widget on their webpages to represent their data policies in an
interactive, responsive table and graph.
Many thanksto Scott and the GigaScience team for rolling out the widget
on their pages so quickly. It can be viewed in-situhere
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Peter McQuilton, PhD
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International Society of Biocuration
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