Proposed solution for outputs of this group/possible further work

22 Mar 2018

Dear members of the RDA BioSharing WG,

TAB has been discussing the question of the name of the recommendations from this group, and avenues for further work.

As Susanna indicated yesterday, I agreed to send an email to the group with some proposals for you to consider.

1. Name of the Recommendations

We understand why this has now changed to FAIRSharing, to reflect the expanded scope of the recommendation (undertaken under the FORCE11 banner), and the name of the registry.

However, in publishing the recommendation on the RDA website (once it is formally submitted for endorsement) we would want to reflect that the Recommendations were substantially grounded in work done in the RDA Biosharing WG.

2. Avenues for ongoing activity

If the group wishes to continue working as part of RDA (which we would very much welcome), there are two possible paths:

a. Continuation WG under the FAIRSharing name

Approving this would be a lightweight and more speedy process than a new WG

b. Apply for a FAIRsharing IG

This would go through the normal approval channels. Once formed, you could then spin off area-specific WGs if that was useful.

I hope this clarifies matters. We look forward to seeing you formally submit your recommendations for Council endorsement.

Andre Treloar, TAB Co-chair