Announcing the 2021 Great Pork Hackathon Series

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25 Feb 2021 UTC

Announcing the 2021 Great Pork Hackathon Series

25 Feb 2021


The 2021 Great Pork Hackathon Series

Part 1: Shipping | March 24-26

Announcing the 2021 Great Pork Hackathon Series to solve problems for the pork industry and create lasting code to improve private data flow and processes through open source interoperability. This series is hosted by Farm Foundation ( and the Purdue Open Ag Technology and Systems (OATS) Center ( as part of an ongoing effort to enhance the digital exchange of information in the pork industry, with the goal of creating a blueprint that can be used to improve data interoperability in all sectors of agriculture.

"Interoperability" means working together, and we've designed this hackathon to do just that. We encourage people of all backgrounds to participate, from those who know pork (and can provide advice, ideas, and direction) and people who know code (and can help build apps, tools, and integrations).

What began as an industry event storming session to identify pain points for people on the ground in the pork industry has grown into a great opportunity to help make things better for the community of people who "bring us the bacon." The event storming session identified opportunities for streamlined communications between farmer and processor during the shipping of pigs. Part 1 of the Great Pork Hackathon Series will focus on modeling an "Advance Ship Notification" (ASN) API for pigs via the Trellis API Framework ( as a two-way, real-time communication channel coordinating a farmer shipping pigs, a trucker hauling pigs, and a processor receiving pigs. The hackathon will add tooling around the ASN (libraries, apps, and services), innovative additions to the ASN model to carry new data and certifications, and integrations into existing farmer and processor workflows.

The Great Pork Hackathon series is unique in several ways. First, it is a series of events rather than the usual “one-and-done-pizza all-nighter” gauntlet. Part 1: Shipping is focused on ASNs and will be primarily held during normal hours over the course of three days. This series is intended to culminate in functioning open source software and data models that are integrated into actual production systems for the pork industry. Since interoperability means working together, instead of competing for prizes in generalized ambiguous areas, this event is about creating and achieving innovative shared goals together while learning new things, having fun with new people, and, for those hoping to build a career in software, gaining notoriety and credit as a great developer.

The 2021 Great Pork Hackathon Series—Part 1: Shipping will be held March 24-26, 2021 in conjunction with OATSCON21 (, the annual conference for the OATS Center at Purdue University. In the days leading up to the hackathon, OATS will provide tutorial videos and materials to help developers get acquainted with some of the existing tooling around Trellis and ASNs. Be sure to register below to stay up-to-date and receive the video links.

Please register here (free) for the hackathon: