Update from last Active DMPs IG session at RDA plenary in Philadelphia

13 Jun 2019

Hi all,

I realise we have been very remiss in providing an update from the last plenary. We had a useful IG session reviewing progress on the two DMP related Working Groups and deciding if new areas of activity are needed. There were some suggestions to progress work with funders, map out the different stakeholders interests and pilot the Common Standard which has been released. See full notes at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_KdIbMKnA2NHyDlrr4hPg-NDxuHPRKRalubS...

Tomasz and colleagues have been busy piloting the common standard and hope to report on this at the next plenary in Helsinki. If others want to get involved, please reach out. The funder liaison will be raised via the funders forum and funder IG as a potential joint activity. Maude Frances also suggested drafting a short 2 page guide on the stakeholders interested in DMPs and what each requires and gets from them. It was felt we could do this via the IG and existing Exposing DMPs WG. Could anyone interested in getting involved please reply so we can connect you up.

The other significant action to come out of the session was electing new co-chairs to replace Stephanie Simms and Helen Glaves. John Chodacki and Tomasz Miksa were proposed and have been elected. Please join us in welcoming them to the role.

All best