Public Collection of 800 + DMPs at Phaidra Repository

10 Jan 2022

Dear all,

As part of OpenAIRE advance I was involved last year in creating and analysing a collection of 800+ public Horizon 2020 Data Management.

The findings of the analysis where already published in Open Research Europe at

I am currently in the process of creating a new version of this article and in this context one of the reviewers has suggested the Active Data Management IG might be interested in the findings but also the collection itself.

You can find the collection at the University of Vienna's Repository called "Phaidra" at

Looking forward to any comments you might have - also let me know from the side of the IG whether there is any interest in featuring as part of a session at the RDA plenary.

Best regards,


P.S. Apologies for cross posting 

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Daniel Spichtinger

EU Research Policy Specialist & Open Science Expert