Next call on "Exposing DMPs"

22 Jun 2017

Dear All
Please find a link below to a Doodle poll so we can sort out a time for our next call. Please could you supply your availability by the end of this week (so, Friday 23rd).
In the meantime, here is a link to draft case statement we’ve been working on. Please take some time between now and the call to read and edit:
For ease of reference, here’s a link to notes from our first call:
I’ve set up an agenda/notes document for our next call, link here:
Again, please feel free to edit it.
You have initiated a poll "RDA: Exposing DMPs" at Doodle. The link to
your poll is:
With best wishes,
Fiona Murphy and Angus Whyte
Dr Angus Whyte
Snr Institutional Support Officer
Digital Curation Centre
University of Edinburgh
skype: angusawhyte
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