New RDA Announcements

10 Jun 2020

Dear Active Data Management Interest Group members,

There are two important announcements from RDA being circulated that we wanted to bring to your attention in the case you missed it this week.

  • The Call for Sessions for Virtual Plenary 16 is open with a 4 August deadline for submissions. Start preparing now!
  • RDA’s Adoption Week is next week. Webinars are scheduled each day to demonstrate RDA’s adoptable and adopted solutions to data sharing challenges that people in the field encounter in their daily jobs. Webinar topics will focus on the Research Data Lifecycle and include: Data Management (Monday), Data Description (Tuesday), Identity-Store-Preserve (Wednesday), Disseminate-Link-Find (Thursday), Policy-Legal Compliance-Capacity (Friday). Register to attend at your earliest convenience!

Thank you and stay well (and our apologies if you received this email more than once!).



Jamie Petta, on behalf of the RDA Secretariat