Future workshop on finding synergies through ADMPs

06 Sep 2016

Dear all,
As those of you who attended the June 2016 workshop at CERN on ADMPs may recall (and/or those who read through the notes from the workshop), a further workshop focussing on finding synergies, leading to potential re-use and/or cost savings was proposed.
As I can’t be in Denver, I am sending this reminder now.
It is foreseen to hold this workshop also at CERN, in either Spring or Summer (northern hemisphere) 2017.
It would focus on projects such as those on the ESFRI roadmap and/or those involving EIROforum institutes and similar worldwide.
As for the previous workshop, remote participation will be possible, most likely using the Vidyo system that requires installing a client to connect.
If anyone has any input to such a workshop and/or suggestions for projects / institutes to involve please let me know.
(As you may know, the High Luminosity LHC - HL-LHC - that is included in the 2016 update of the ESFRI roadmap as a “landmark project”, will require a major rethink of how computing, including all things data, will be done and work on this has already started).
Cheers, Jamie