Exposing DMPs session at P-11 March 22 15.30 CET

16 Mar 2018

Dear all,
Below is the updated agenda for the P-11 Plenary in Berlin next week, Exposing DMPs Session, which is in Breakout 6 (15.30 –17.00 Central European Time). You can find further details, including how to join remotely, on the session page here:
Whether in person or remotely we hope to see you there.
Angus Whyte, Fiona Murphy, Katherine Unsworth, Christine Jaquemot, Natalie Meyers (co-chairs)
Meeting agenda
* 1 – Introduction for newcomers, status update, and meeting objectives (Fiona Murphy, 5 mins)
* 2 – Why are people exposing the contents of DMPs, how and with what outcomes?
Lightning talks offering stakeholder perspectives (40 mins)
* Angus Whyte, DCC - are researchers prepared to share/ expose DMP content?
* David Carr, Wellcome - a funder perspective
* Elena Zudilova-Seinstra - a publisher perspective from Elsevier RDM Solutions
* Iain Hrynaszkiewicz – a publisher perspective from BMC Research Notes
* Sandra Gesing, U. Notre Dame - service provider perspective on OSF support for pre-registered studies
* Stephanie Simms, CDL - DMPTool experiences with private and institutional sharing of plans
* Part 3 – Prioriting use cases for further consultation
* Long-list drawn from DMP Common Standards consultation (Oct-Dec 2017), highlighting use cases and user stories that imply some degree of DMP exposure (10 min.)
* Interactive poll to short-list from the above (10 min.)
* Moderated discussion (15 min.) What would you most like to see explored further through case studies or scenarios? For example how the selected use case describes a means to improve quality of the plan, by criteria to be defined? How it improves the efficiency and effectiveness of plan implementation? Other benefits to you as a researcher, funder, other stakeholder in RDM planning? Clarification of risks, benefits or issues for everyone?
* Part 4 – Work planning - Who can contribute to what? (10m)
* Identifying use case examples, people willing to talk about them
* Case studies of current practice, scenarios of future practice
* Stakeholder survey design and dissemination
Dr Angus Whyte
Snr Institutional Support Officer
Digital Curation Centre
University of Edinburgh
skype: angusawhyte
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