Exposing DMPs group update

11 Jan 2018

Dear all,
With the new year here, and several months passed since our last call, I wanted to update you on co-chairs activity. Firstly, looking forward to the forthcoming plenary 11 in Berlin we got a session proposal in, which you can find here:
We expect to hear whether that session is accepted towards the end of January, so we’ll schedule a call early February (more on that soon).
On that page you’ll also find a link to the updated and revised the Case Statement to respond to the comments we received from TAB, as we discussed last Oct 19 (call notes in the google doc here). The main changes are:
1. More precision on the schedule with respect to the DMP Common Standards WG. After discussion with their co-chairs the statement now clarifies that we will use the Common Standards WG consultation to inform our own. We will consider DMP process requirements based on their user stories, and feed our results to them to inform development of the model.
2. Clarify the nature of the work with the QoS-Data LC WG: This has been renamed as the Storage Service Definition WG. If accepted, members of this WG will offer examples of storage provisioning to contribute to a case study. We'll coordinate that through the DMP Common Standards WG, which has shared membership of both groups.
3. Commit to updating our RDA group page with results of community interaction via non-RDA media: the revised statement now does this.
4. Broaden membership to include more people from non-English speaking countries: We’re proactively contacting people to get involved, and since the Montreal plenary membership has grown to 30+ including many many from non-English speaking countries.
5. For impact, expand the survey to focus more broadly on the suitability of outcomes for adoption. The revised statement on p. 7 now includes this among the survey topics.
6. Involve other publishers if possible. We now have representation from Springer Nature as well as Elsevier, and University of Edinburgh (as publishers of IJDC.net)
Hopefully we’ll have further news from TAB when we speak next time, and can firm up our plans for P-11.
Speak then!
Best wishes,
Dr Angus Whyte
Snr Institutional Support Officer
Digital Curation Centre
University of Edinburgh
skype: angusawhyte
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