Exposing DMPs group status and next call

03 Oct 2017

Dear all,
Following up from the Active DMP IG session at Plenary 10, I would like to arrange the next call of the Exposing DMPs WG, and update everyone on the list about the TAB review results received just before P10, and some plenary outcomes for our group.
Next call - To help shape the future of our group please conform your availability here for weeks beginning Oct 15/22/29 . Please note we aim to have two calls to allow for different timezones, with at least one of the co-chairs on each. Doodle poll; http://doodle.com/poll/9wfxb8s7s4c45db8
TAB review - was generally very positive. So our case statement is regarded as complete , our scope and schedule fine and a good fit to the RDA mission. But there were some caveats to that, and we need to make some revisions. The key points are in italics below, and I’ve summarised what we (co-chairs) have done about them so far.
1. More precision on the schedule with respect to the DMP Common Standards WG. We propose to work up a joint list of use cases, together with the main stakeholder groups involved, and the DMP elements that should be machine readable to fulfil the use case . This would start asap (and unofficially on our part, until we are approved).
2. Clarify the nature of the work with the QoS-Data LC WG This has yet been approved but is being renamed Storage Service Definition. We agreed to work with this group towards a case study around fulfilling storage service requirements from DMPs. This has still to be confirmed and scheduled.
3. Commit to updating our RDA group page with results of community interaction via non-RDA media . Easy one!
4. Broaden membership to include more people from non-English speaking countries I’m happy to say we have been steadily growing and have new members in this category. But we do need more. Please do what you can to encourage others to join.
5. For impact, expand the survey to focus more broadly on the suitability of outcomes for adoption. Needs further discussion and re-wording on the survey design.
6. Involve other publishers if possible. Co-chairs have made some direct contacts. We are of course open to any publisher interested in making DMPs available.
It’s important we discuss these points in a call soon. Meanwhile Fiona, Natalie, Kathryn and myself will make concrete proposals for changes to the case statement in agreement with the other group co-chairs mentioned.
For your reference here is a link to the Active DMP IG notes from the plenary session.
All best,
Dr Angus Whyte
Snr Institutional Support Officer
Digital Curation Centre
University of Edinburgh
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Subject: [rda-datamanagplans] Plenary 10 session materials
Thanks to everyone who contributed to the joint session of the Active DMPs and Domain Repositories IGs last week, "Recent Developments in Machine-Actionable DMPs." There is a tremendous amount of activity in this space and we look forward to continuing the conversations and collaborations. All session materials are now available on the Active DMPs IG wiki: https://www.rd-alliance.org/group/active-data-management-plans-ig/wiki/p...
Just a reminder that the DMP Common Standards WG and Exposing DMPs WG have been launched—interested parties should get involved now to help shape their activities.
Join us next at the FORCE11 meeting in Berlin to discuss principles of FAIR DMPs (27 Oct 9:30-11am). And don't forget to use @ActiveDMPs and #ActiveDMPs to contribute new news, ideas, questions, etc.
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